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Tower Block
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 12 reviews
 by Sam Ferrell

Definitely a great game to play with all ages! It took a while to get started but once we did, it was clear on what we had to do and how to play the game. Would play again!

 by Megan Close

Really great concept and not aware of anything like this on the market. Also really liked the Hazzard a Guess questions. As like any game, it takes a while to understand the game, maybe the manual could be a little clearer but overall very enjoyable. 🙂

 by Emma

Fab game! We had a lot of fun playing it - the tower building can get quite competitive and its a good laugh. Would definitely recommend!

 by Shannon

A great game to get your brain ticking and having a laugh at the same time. Well worth the money but a little bit trickier for those with little general knowledge like myself! 🙂

 by Jack Hodson

A brilliant game! Great quality, the board, pieces and the cards. This game is great for a family and will provide you with several hours of exhilarating, edge of your seat entertainment. An amazing judgement of hand-eye coordination and general knowledge, it really puts you to the test. The game is a little hard to pick up and get going, but once you get into it, it is really fun. Also, it does require a very steady hand which I don't have. 4 stars, definitely would buy!

 by Rhi

Absolute brilliant game. Played this game with my family and had lots of fun and laughter. A steady hand is needed but such good fun building the tower and it can be competitive 🙂

 by Helen

I played Tower Block with colleagues after work, it got pretty competitive! It's a great game, the rules of play are straightforward and the outcome unpredictable until the very end. Great family game but also brilliant fun with mates over a few drinks .... just keep a steady hand or you'll lose it all in one brick!

 by Matthew Swan

This game has it all! Really interesting and fun questions combined with the skill and excitement of building the tower make for a great family time together! The game is also really high quality and feels like it's made to last. Top marks!

 by Nick

Brilliant gameplay and great to play with a couple of drinks or with younger family members. Excellent replayability.

 by Lucy

Great game, really enjoyed playing It with family and friends. Building the tower was lots of fun with lots of laughter. Something for everyone!!

 by Ryan

We bought tower block after hearing about it from a family friend. This game ticks all the boxes, good/ challenging questions, interactivity and above all its great family fun!!! Get this game now!!!! Will be perfect for Christmas day!!!

 by Richard Flexer

We played Tower Block one evening with friends and it was so much fun! It was the perfect balance between questions and actions with the pressure building as the game progressed. A great game that will become a firm family favorite!